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Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA can help you draft a Revocable Living Trust


There are primarily two different kinds of Living Trusts. They would be revocable living trust and irrevocable living trusts. Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA will state that a very large portion of Living Trusts are Revocable Living Trusts. A Wills Attorney California may also be able to help with the drafting of the Revocable Living Trust, but would be more apt to help with the drafting of the Last Will and Testament.Trust


Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA states that the objective of estate planning is to formulate and implement plans for transferring someones property. The typical person has worked many years to acquire their property both real and personal, and Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA as well as Wills Attorney CA will share that they want to make sure it goes to whom they want. In fact, what drives revocable living trusts even more is to not place a hardship on the children or spouse when somebody dies. The last thing a spouse wants to do, states Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA is to cause hardship on the relatives because it was not properly designated as to who would receive what.

Watch Wills Attorney CA talk about Revocable Living Trusts

To do this, Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA  and Wills Attorney CA must first obtain information on the your  objectives and educate you about the realistic options for accomplishing them. Sometimes, claims Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA and/or Wills Attorney CA, the client will want something that is simply not possible or realistic. The Wills Attorney CA shares that it is usually possible to obtain a particular kind  of Revocable Living Trust that basically and most reasonably considers the objectives of the Client, but does it in a manner that is legal and enforceable.


Client objectives vary, states Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA, but whatever they are, the client will want them to be achieved efficiently and with a minimum of taxes, expenses, delay, and inconvenience. This can be a tall order sometimes depending on exactly what the client wants, claims the Wills Attorney CA, but even if the estate plan involves inter vivos gifts, the primary transfer usually occurs after death. This is the very reason that it is necessary to create the revocable living trust in the first place.


Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA are commonly used in California as tools for transferring property at death. The Wills Attorney CA states that a revocable trust does not include a “dry” trust with no assets or only nominal assets. The primary objective of a revocable trust states Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA is usually to distribute the settlor’s property at his or her death without the need for a court proceeding to administer the client’s probate estate.  This alone claims Wills Attorney CA and Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA is a great reason to have prepared a revocable living trust.
This objective is achieved by creating a trust and transferring property to it. You can use Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA and/or a Wills Attorney CA to advise you on how to ‘fund the Trust’. On the client’s death, the property is deemed owned by the trust rather than by the client for the limited purpose of determining whether court administration is required. The trustee or a successor trustee then administers the trust as provided in the trust document. This process may involve little more than transferring trust property to a single beneficiary, or it may involve continued administration of property in sophisticated irrevocable trusts that continue to operate more or less indefinitely. However, Trust Attorneys Long Beach CA states if it is prepared correctly that there should be no reason for Probate and the Living Trust can be administered properly and hopefully without Court intervention

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