Estate Planning is for anybody who wants to protect their families

If you own anything, it would be in your interest to get an Estate Planning Law Firm. Brian D. Lerner, Estate Planning Attorney states that most of the time, many people either think they don’t need an Estate Planning Law Firm, or in the alternative, believe that nothing will happen to them and they would be wasting their money to get an Estate Planning Law Firm.
<p>Brian Lerner states nothing could be further from the truth. An Estate Planning Law Firm is needed for two major events in ones life. While these two events can usually be perceived as tragic or negative, it nevertheless is extremely important to get an Estate Planning Law firm to assist you with these matters.</p>
<p>Estate Planning Attorney Brian D, Lerner states that the two events which you should be aware of would be when you become incapacited and when you die. The  <a href=””><strong>Estate Planning Law Firm</strong></a> will prepare two usual documents should you become incapacitated and the  Estate Planning Law Firm will prepare two documents which are usual when you would die.</p>
<p>Unless you have a crystal ball and know when you would become incapacitated and know when you would die, the ONLY way which you can realistically have done what you want to have done is through and Estate Planning Law Firm. Brian Lerner states that the  Estate Planning Law Firm will be able to prepare the Living Trust and the Pour-over Will for instances when you die. Brian D. Lerner goes on to state that the documents that the  Estate Planning Law Firm will prepare when you become incapacitated will be the advance healthcare directive for Financial Management and the Advance Health Care Directive.</p>
<p>You might be asking what are these documents that that the  Estate Planning Law Firm will prepare. Brian D. Lerner explains that first for when you become incapacitated, the advance healthcare directive will allow an agent – or somebody else to both make the financial decisions that you must make and will allow financial institutions  to legally give you information and to allow you to send information to these institutions. The  Estate Planning Law Firm will be able to make certain that you are protected. Brian D. Lerner states you should think about what might happen: What if you get in a car accident tomorrow, have a heart attack, a stroke, need to go to surgery, are unable to respond for some reason? All of these factors and 1000 others could cause you to be incapacitated. What if you cannot pay the mortgage or the rent or any number of bills? The Estate Planning Law Firm will take care of all of this and will make a valid, legal and enforceable document called the advance healthcare directive for Financial Management.</p>
<p>Brian D. Lerner gives an explanation as to what is the other document you need will be for the incapacity that the  Estate Planning Law Firm will prepare. This is known as the Advance Health Care Directive. As with not being able to make decisions of a financial nature when you are incapacitated, Brian D. Lerner states that you also need somebody to make your medical decisions. If you are in a coma, or unconscious  or unable to respond or about to go to surgery, you cannot make medical decisions. The  Estate Planning Law Firm knows you don’t want to think about how long you should stay on life support if you are in a coma or unable to respond. But somebody has to do this. If you do not properly have the  Estate Planning Law Firm prepare the Advance Health Care Directive, then if you go into a coma, you might have to be in the coma for years and you might have to drain the resources of your family and you might unnecessarily cause severe pain and suffering for your family. The  Estate Planning Law Firm will prepare the Advance Health Care Directive to conform with your wishes. Brian Lerner states this will most likely include items such as how to determine when you want somebody to ‘pull the plug’, or how to donate your organs if you die or what type of medical care you want or what type of medical care you don’t want.</p>
<p>The Estate Planning Law Firm will be able to prepare the two documents you need if you die and this will be the Living Trust and the Pour-over Will. Brian Lerner asks who gets your real property if you die? Where do your cars and other assets go? Who is to get what?  The Estate Planning Law Firm will make sure to the best of their ability that your family does not get dragged into Court through Probate Proceedings if you did not do your Living Trust through an  Estate Planning Law Firm. What about family members you don’t like? Don’t you want to make sure that after all the years you have worked, that your hard work goes where it is supposed to go and that your family is not pulled through years of misery and fighting because you did not take are of business  with an  Estate Planning Law Firm. Be smart and proactive states Brian Lerner. Get an  Estate Planning Law Firm to prepare your Estate Plan.</p>

Estate Planning Overview

What is Estate Planning?

This is the process of memorializing your affairs – personal, health and financial in case you become incapacitated or die
Choosing how the assets you have worked so hard all your life will be distributed at your death (personal and real property), bank accounts, IRA’s, etc.
Your goals and desires will be met, not somebody elses, not another family member you do not want to have that authority and not the State of California

What are Common Estate Planning Devices?

Planning for death:

Last Will &amp; Testament
Intervivos Trust
Testamentary Trust
Business Succession Plan
Guardianship nomination for your children under 18

Planning for Incapacity

Advance Healthcare Directive
Living Will
HIPAA Declaration
Durable Power of Attorney

What happens if you DON’T do <a href=””>Estate Planning</a>?

Your estate could very well end up in Probate with years of battling and fighting among relatives
California law will kick in and issue it’s own “default Estate Plan” called intestate succession
Ex-spouses might get property
Children might inherit at 18
Assets could be distributed to distant relatives and relatives you don’t like
It will be costly, public and take time
You could become incapacitated and your wishes will not be followed, your financial affairs could become public with somebody or a Court appointed person making those decisions and your end of life decisions would not be followed since you do not have any Estate Plan designating them.

Key Issues that mandate you should do an Estate Plan?

Are you expecting to live longer?
Do you have children?
Do you have a blended family?
Are you a business owner?
Do you own real estate?
What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
Are you prepared for a catastrophic event?
Do you ant your estate to incur the cost, delay and public nature of a probate?
If you have done nothing, how will you protect your family and assets?

Do you need to Review your Estate Plan?

Have you received an inheritance?
Change in your financial circumstances?
Started a business?
Are you a business owner?
Your retiring?
There has been a death of a beneficiary?
Birth of a child or grandchild?
New son-in-law or daughter-in-law?
New Spouse or Divorce?

Why do you need incapacity planning?

Without it, the Court will have to appoint a conservator you may or may not know?
This will be in effect only while you are alive?
You can designate who will take care of your financial affairs while you are incapacitated?
You can state how your incapacity will be determined?
The third parties will be able to get information and give information to the person you designate for your financial affairs?